Six Nations 2018

I wish I had been at Murrayfield…

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Could this be the reason my brother was not very pleased to answer my skype this evening… he was blathering something about rugby … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They played very well and deserved the win. Both games today were good to watch.

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I thoroughly enjoy a good game of rugby (although I did miss this one). If both sides are well matched, in a way I don’t mind who wins… it’s the quality of the players that counts…and I can find myself yelling for either side… :relaxed:


Sooooooooo happy :slight_smile:

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Watch both games if you can, surely someone has recorded them - well worth it esp the Calcutta Cup.

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Disaster, but I grudgingly agree that Scotland played well this time. I think the ref was getting his own back after the Wales defeat by England.

Got tickets for France v England in a couple of weeks, some beers might have to be drunk :beers::beers::beers:

Geez the immaturity sometimes of the French really gets to me.

Last week I respectfully watched France lose to Scotland at a friend’s house. The same chap yesterday sent me a barrage of texts ner ner ner I personally had lost against the Scots.

Grow up man, it’s rugby. Well done Scotland, England do occasionally lose a match. Just not as often as France, qui pwerdoo plus solvent que nous. Imbeciles!


Wonderful play by Scotland and a well deserved win against the English (may the curse of Brexit be upon them)

That’s a bit hard on the French in general.

:grin::grin: but isn’t that just how most folk react David…with a blanket comment… when something infuriating/irritating happens…

I know my OH often curses Women Drivers… even when I am sitting right beside him. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ve experienced one or two immature Scotspeople in the past 12 hours but I wouldn’t blame the whole nation for their behaviour. :slight_smile: I’ve also heard some very proud Scots who appreciate what their national team did.
Unfortunately one of the things I hate is the way that too many people blame one incident on the whole nation. On two other forums at the moment there is one thread accusing all French drivers as being dangerous, another of French people having defective hearing and another about how no French people like animals. Here they’re all immature.

I plead guilty to losing to Scotland, as I am charged by a local, with a French identity card.

It’s my fault we lost. I’ll make up for it, sorry!

Just make sure you do then, before the next game against France please :beers::beers::beers:

I enjoy watching a good game of Rugby, I often scream for whoever is running to score a try (regardless of sides).
It’s only a game, and how its played is more important (to me). After all it’s only a load of men with odd shaped balls. Sorry everyone I just couldn’t resist :rofl:

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Wash your mouth out with soap… Ann… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Already had that treatment from my mum when I was a little girl…I am still little but a lot older and she can’t catch me now :innocent: