Six Nations

Italy just beat France - listen to all the excuses tomorrow! They will be fun, fun, fun.

France was 6 Nations favourite with Italy favourite for sixth! Gotta laff!

Whilst all eyes are on the Mens Rugby - just a quick image of my little Rugby lover - Izzy trying to put on her own shirt oh and to cheer on the England Ladies who beat Scotland's ladies 76-0 on Saturday.

England 76 - 0 Scotland

Italy 13 - 12 France

Wales 10 - 12 Ireland

Who knows one day she might end up playing for the Ladies

Les Bleus didn't get off the bus!They had no excuses and didn't offer any. Poor show doesn't mean they won't pitch up next week and stuff the opposition...But as it happens ( glimmer of hope?) they had very little prep time whilst Italy were able to take full advantage of a few weeks working showed! Bravo the Spag-munchers!

We shall all wait for future bulletins on the state of the soirée. ;-)

the rugby the italians were playing ;-D

What rugby?? ;-D

Not so here in the Midi-Pyrénées, Nick. Whole front page of La Dépêche "la rechute" and the Midi Olympique front page reads "sur le cul !". It's all we're talking about in the shop this morning, that and the crappy weather that is!


What I have noticed, and its more so with the H Cup is that if a French team wins, it is headline news. If they lose, well you’d think the match hadn’t taken place. The number of time I’ve waited to see a bit of decent match analysis on the news, only to find a two second slot st the end saying “we lost”.

I think I may take a lot less ribbing this year..thank goodness!! The noisier amongst my rugby friends have certainly been very quiet since this afternoon and of course I haven't indulged in any payback whatsoever ;)


We put on RAI Uno this evening and in various cities it was fiesta!!!!

Except the 70th minute try and conversion by the boys yesterday. It could have been a knock on but it was then the best try of the weekend over all. England are favourites now, Ireland must be in with a big chance, especially if they beat England. Too many heavy boys who still did not have the pack weight to win scrum downs, silly strategy and certainly the backs and wing were wasted.

We're looking at a very different level of play from a few years ago, Italy are now up there with the rest of 'em and St André admitted it after the match, he gave no real excuses, couldn't really, they were out played!

They were outclassed - Italy have been up'n'coming for a while now and now here they are - this isn't the first time they have beaten France and it certainly won't be the last. They are contenders now! I'd been expecting a better performance from France after the Autumn tour matches but alas... and as for yesterday's Calcutta Cup match, well I'm pig sick. WHY Scotland try to beat England at their own game (send in the heavy brigade) when they are naturally suited to a running passing game (look at that lovely lot of backs) & don't have the physical qualities to play England the English way, I don' t know. I enjoyed Wales/Ireland but it was altogether a depressing week-end for me, rugby-wise.

They will all be football (ie soccer) fans tomorrow morning! Not easy to explain in Beziers.