Ski in Midi-Pyrenees

For all those interested in regular skiing in the Pyrenees you can buy a discount ski card for about 26 euro from n-py,com they have a card called No souci which gives access to 7 different ski resorts in the Pyrenees it works like a ski pass so no queueing and a 30% discount on a days skiing which is taken from your bank account once a month plus on your 5th trip it’s half price and every subsequent 5th trip it’s free check out the web site my Wife and I have used ours for the past 2 years with no problem.

I suggest Luz Ardiden... May be it is because I live there... Great hotel too... I forgot it's mine. :-)

Anyway Jill check us out. Sian can help with infos on snow shoeing and Gavarnie escape walks, as well as our local thermal baths. Cheers Laurent

Thanks for that Martin, a nice lot to choose from, will have a good study this weekend. Thanks again.


Hi Jill,

There are a lot of resorts to choose from!

La Mongie is the largest in the Midi-Pyrenees and the resort is right in the middle of the slopes.

St Lary Soulan is a nice resort with accommodation both in the ski area and at the foot of the mountain in the town.

Luchon is a lovely town and again accommodation is available both at the slopes and in the town.

Take a look at these resort guides for more info. There is also a map of the ski resort locations.

For a weekend, I think any of the larger resorts will give you plenty of varied skiing.

Hope that helpsd a little


I don’t live in this area I live in Brittany, but I used to go ski-ing a while back in fact about 20 years ago!!! and would love to try again, but even though I got my intermediate badge, I should imagine I would need to start from the beginning again!

Can anyone suggest where is a good place to go for 2/3 people, one of which may be my 14 year old son, probably be for a long long weekend??

Thanks very much


It would be nice to get out skiing anywhere at the moment!! Just didn’t have time last season, but will definitely make the effort this year.

Not Piau!! Luz Ardiden is a must. :) Luz was at the origin of the N'Py group of resorts. ;-) Just shamelessly supporting the local team.. :)

Hi Philip,

Thanks for that, I had forgotten to mention it in the ski meet up topic. The N-Py card covers Piau, which is where we are looking at going. There is also the altiservice card, which has a different scheme and covers different resorts compared to the N-Py card.

There are details here