Skimmer gasket problems

Happy Christmas everyone,

A little problem I hope that you can help me with. Our pool has been losing water gradually for sometime, but has recently become much more acute. I have stopped the pump and let the pool find its own level which appears to be just below the skimmer. Water sits at the same level in the skimmer and therefore the return pipe so I am hoping that there is not a problem hidden somewhere underground!
I checked the skimmer gasket and it was worn and degraded so thought I would start by replacing the pair and see what difference that makes. The problem ariases here as, on inspection, there’s are no part numbers or a makers name to indentify it. It only has a logo. Three slightly oval “bubbles” with two wavey lines underneath like waves. The face plate has 24 evenly spaced screw holes, like a Hayward excepting this aspect. The latter has unequal spacing of holes.

I would post a photo but do not know how too! D’oh!

If anyone has any thoughts I would be grateful.


Roly Gardner

Roly do you access SFN using an android mobile or a laptop? If so I can advise how to upload a picture from either. I know nothing about pools, though. There are pool experts on SFN and I expect one of them will notice your question and come to your aid, perhaps after the holiday!? :wink:

On my tablet I select the arrow which takes me to where I can choose a photo. I select the photo then upload it.

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Hi Roland,
With the absence of a photo and with companies changing their logos as well as the items but being in France I am hoping it’s Procopi.

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Morning All and thank you for taking the time to help me so quickly and over the Christmas period!

Peter, I am using an iPad, so David has solved the photo issue for me. I will attempt to confirm this in this post.

John, thank you so much. That is it and I may now look for replacement gaskets. For the record, this is the photo.

Happy Christmas everyone.



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Glad to have assisted, BTW, one of those magic sponges will clean that lid back to its former glory in no time.

Thanks again John. Will also give the sponge a go! Next task, finding a supplier of the Procopi gaskets wish me luck.

If you get stuck let me know. Before the Procopi re shuffle I had an active account but they have been through a merger recently so not sure

Here is a link to the Procopi website, but I note that they only deal with “professionals” so you may have to go to a swimming pool supplier/installer.

Chris Batch.

Hence why I offered, although a number of shops stock parts or can get them

You can order most spare parts including Procopi from us at Piscines Art Deco Route de Montauban 12200 Villefranche de Rouergue e-mail