Skin Cancer Treatment

Fascinating report.

With global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer, this is extremely timely and a wonderful advance.

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Very timely indeed and what a coincidence, I had something dodgy lasered off my nose on Wednesday afternoon, not a melanoma but still something my dermatologist thought should be removed forthwith (basal cell).
He gave me a rule of thumb (which you probably know but I’ll pass it on just in case), if anything appears and hasn’t gone away again in 2 months, show it to a dermatologist.


But also be aware that not all skin cancers are sun related. My OH is currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer-his was not caused by sun bathing but by a " rogue" mole on his back. He’s always had it but earlier this year it suddenly got bigger and inflated. You should check all moles on a regular basis and have any that change-size, shape, colour, itchiness-investigated immediately. Fortunately after having it removed ( plus his lymph nodes) he has been told there is no cancer anywhere else ( although he has 3 years now of visiting the dermatologist 4 times a year, and full body scans twice a year ) and he is about to start immunotherapy to support his immune system after having the lymph nodes removed.


Good advice.

Great news.
Bonne courage.

Yes, even if something is small it is well worth checking things out - I had a place that wouldn’t heal on my chin - it would start to get better then break out again. It turned out to be a “rodent ulcer” (Basal cell carcinoma) and I had it removed in 1983 - It initially left a big scar but better that than spreading, and now you wouldn’t know anything had been done.