Skip Hire near Gueret

Hi All, have at last started in earnest to renovate our bit of France, near Ladapeyre. Have ripped out plaster, plasterboard, plumbing, electrical installation and internal wood clad walls, generating about 9 cubic yards of rubbish.

Have in the last two days attempted to hire a skip to dispose of the waste. Such a simple thing has proved stupidly difficult, with this afternoon being told a company would take away the wood element of the waste at a cost of 670 Euros !!!

If anybody here has a contact, e mail or phone number, or experience of a skip hire company near Gueret in Creuse, we would be very grateful.

Have a meeting arranged with the local Mairie in the morning, fingers crossed they can help,

Thanks in advance for any help.

All the best


I rather suspect you need to sort your rubbish carefully and take it to the local DĂ©chetterie. They will take some (maybe not all).

Your local Mairie may be able to give you info about how to dispose of the stuff.

good luck.

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Hi Stella, thanks for the reply, we have investigated that today and thought of hiring a tipper truck and having a further chat with the man at the DĂ©chetterie, who was very helpful today, to see if he would take the lot over the course of a few visits.

Thanks again

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Déchetterie folk are normally very helpful - I’m sure they’ll do their best to oblige.

Just one thought though… ours does not allow commercial vehicles/vans etc - so make sure your Déchetterie will allow you to turn up with a tipper truck. Ours has no problems with cars towing trailers but anything that looks professional is a no-no (don’t ask me why, 'cos I don’t know).

Thanks Mark, we have emailed this company and also tried ringing, both options left us waiting for a reply.


When we were emptying our place I finally had enough of car trips to the tip so I hired a big van (12m3) and got rid of it all in one go - van hire is pretty cheap.

The dechetterie I used to use only allowed 3 visits per day so you might want to check if your one has a similar limit.

The luxury of it - we are allowed just 1! (but to be fair that is enough)

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You were lucky that the DĂ©chetterie allowed the van - or did you check it out first ??? :thinking:

Our dechetterie allows thirteen visits a year, I don’t think they mind when you use these.
Today we saw a tipper truck being sorted and emptied by three men!
Different depts, different rules?

It used to be quite relaxed (now a little less so)

I think ours must have different drop-off places or whatever for the “Professionals” as we only ever see cars/trailers- that sort of thing.

Glad ours doesn’t, at least so far (though we’ve needed an access card for a while).

When we first acquired a trailer and tackled the growing pile of grass cuttings and other garden stuff we pretty much did 6 visits a day for a week solid.

Have you looked in “The Bugle”? I seem to remember someone telling me there was a Brit the area renting skips out.