Sky Arts on freeview and freesat

Hello there,
It may not be news to some but apparently from last week Sky Arts is now available on Freesat - we have already seen a few good programmes which I think might be of interest to those who are interested in 60s and 70s music and culture.


Spotted that yesterday and watched snippets of Queen and the Rolling Stones in concert, god they looked young.

Thanks for that.

Brilliant, cancelled my sky when GoT finished. Pity some of the discovery channels aren’t available

Yes - I saw some of The Rolling Stones concert last night - great stuff!

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too good not to share!

It is great. The one Sky channel I wanted! Can’t wait for some of their opera broadcasts.

Does its appearance on Freesat indicate Sky’s usual subscribers are not interested in the arts?

They were filming at my workplace last week.

Watched Rod Stewart last night - bliss!

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Cost benefit analysis must show that it’s not making as much money as the advertising can bring in.