Sky+HD box problem

Hi all my Sky box tell’s me I have no satellite signal when I click on ITV (live) but, plus 1 works perfectly all other channels working can any one help please

Check if trees are blocking the signal.

Is it ITV HD ?. If so, then you may have something that is blocking your signal, as Mat suggests. This is usually one of the first channels to go if your signal is compromised in some way.

Is your dish covered in lichen or rusty?

Has the dish been knocked recently or possibly moved by high winds?

Dish is not blocked all other channels are fine including ITV plus 1 it’s just the live ITV not working

Sounds like the LNB is starting to show its age.

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Yes, but is it ITV HD that is not working. It makes a lot of difference

It is normal when the signal is weak for just a couple of channels to stop first (particularly HD ones).

If you click on Services, then Settings - how strong is the Signal on the Signal tab?

ITV+1 is SD

Indeed it is. The problem is with ITV (not +1), hence my question. With signal issues, it’s always the first to go.

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Do you mean ITV is always the first HD to go? If so it’s possibly the weakest of the HD channels?

ITV HD, and a few other HD channels on the same transponder are usually the first to go for a few reasons. It’s a combination of the high frequency that the transponder is on, and the higher than normal bitrate that the transponder has.

Teetering on the brink down here in Carcassonne, yes it’s ITVHD that is the first to go with any drop in signal, followed by 4seven, CH4HD, Alibi and Drama - probably others. A fair amount of heavy weather in line of sight of the satellites recently, on top of the unexplained annual fall off of signal. Also check for a spider’s web, with attached big fat spider, right in front of the LNB !!

There is ITV1 SD on channel 803, but you may not get the regional programs you want. These might be available by manually adding as an “Other Channel” on Sky. The coordinates can be found by searching “Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2°E - LyngSat

Thank you all put a new lnb on all works perf


I was thinking more in terms of the footprint of ITV and the others.

Isn’t ITV 1 SD available on ch. 111?

Edit: Forgot, we’re talking Sky here, 111 is Freesat.