Sky - unable to watch pre-recorded programmes

Hi folks

We have a Sky+ box with a basic £25 card so we can watch "free" programmes via our Sky box. There was an automatic update the other day and now, when we try to watch a pre-recorded programme, we get a message "Sky+ playback is not available".

Having rung Sky, it turns out that anyone with the basic "free" package can now ONLY watch live tv or listen to the radio. We cannot record and we cannot watch any saved pre-recorded programmes. The only way to access what we have saved on our box is to pay an exhorbitant £36 per month (minimum)! So beware Sky updates if you have only the basic access - maybe unplug the box at night so it can't update!

Thanks Claire, thanks Junior, have passed details/phone number to hubby to deal with!

Buy a HDD recorder and record the Sky via that.

We have something pretty much like this

that is the problem with sky, you are better off with freesat at least you can record and watch most of the watched tv channels.