Skype purchased by Microsoft for $8.5bn

As a user of Linux and Skype, this purchase by Microsoft seems to be putting me into a quandary!

Do I continue using Skype and by doing so contribute to the Redmond coffers - or do I now have to find an alternative?

If people are wondering why all the ‘fuss’ about Microsoft having bought Skype - then you really need to have a look at this…

Skype has further irked its users, already put out by an outage last week, by pushing a Windows add-on that installed itself on users’ systems whether or not they gave it permission to install.

This is EXACTLY why they cannot be trusted - M$ don’t care about their users once they’ve gotten you on their ‘books’ they feel that they can do whatever they like with your system !!!

Sorry don’t have time to look - have just found that you can run ANGRY BIRDS through Google Chrome - yes even under Linux !!!

Haven’t got a repetitive strain injury yet but it probably won’t be long…


Google is about to launch it’s new Chromebooks, and they could change the way millions of people use the Internet and complete their work. They are incredibly cheap, and the fact you won’t have all the nonsense of local harddisk’s and operating systems, could make many peoples lives a whole lot easier. They won’t suit everyone, but I can see a massive market for them, in business as well as home. If you spend most or all of your time on the web, then one of these could save you a fortune in money and time.

Definitely worth a look.

New Google Chromebooks



I have seen lots of post’s on the blogoshere today that Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer is swearing blind that support for all platforms will continue untouched. This is great news for us while we investigate new tools and options to move away from Skype in the medium term.

I just won’t expect to see many enhancements anytime soon for anything other than the Windows platform :wink:


One other reason that M$ are interested in Skype is that it is/was being embedded in various other brand smart phones. I reckon that they’ll soon put a stop to it unless the handsets are using the latest Windows Mobile O/S.

So that’ll probably put paid to Android handsets being valuable multi-mode communication devices until such time as the alternative takes off.

I’ll have to have a look at Diamond Card, along with Twinkle and Empathy.

But I do think that Google Voice will (when it gets let loose into the wild rather than just the U.S.) take off, knowing how the guys at Mountain View like to take on those from Redmond.

Indeed, this is not particularly good news. I think that Google’s VOIP service will fill any gap that is left by Skype, so in the short/medium term I doubt anything major will change, and in the longer term we can migrate to the Google service which will either be browser based or indeed very Linux friendly.

You can use today SIP services in Ubuntu very easily, and I use a service called Diamond Card that works with Twinkle or Empathy.

I also know that the Gnome project is working on a completely free VOIP service.

I do however agree that the Microsoft Behemoth stopped innovating a long time ago, and all they now do is buy other peoples ideas, it seems to be the life cycle in the IT industry. However , apple did find it’s second wind, so who knows Microsoft one day may as well.

The most interesting part I think is the amount of money the guys that invented the service have made, they truly are laughing all the way to the Bank. Especially when you consider that the service has never made a profit. $8.5Bn does seem an awful lot for such a service.


Dear oh dear! Poor old Microsoft, billions of dollars and they can’t do anything original just buy other peoples ideas or copy them.