Have just bought a 3 phone from UK to use Skype to phone our daughters in UK, when we are in Mauritius soon. Tried to use it from here ( Poitou Charentes), and it’s telling me “no coverage from where you are”. Anybody know if this is normal, or what to do if it’s not? At present, I’m not holding much hope for Mauritius. Probably have mega phone bills, comme d’hab!

Here in France. When I previously said Skype to Skype, I meant France to UK.

Which country were you in when you downloaded Skype ?

just bought the phone which came with a 3 simcard. turned it on and it allowed me to download the free Skype programme, but when i try to use it, Skype to Skype in UK, it says "Sorry, we don't have coverage where you are"?. I know friends who've used Skype phones from Mauritius but I don't know if they were 3 phones. I fully expected that i wouldn't have any problem from France.

C'est la bloody vie!

Does the package you have from 3 allow you to have internet access when in France ?

“3” is the provider. Both of my girls use it for free with Skype in the UK. Just downloaded Skype and away they went. No money used on the phones apart from an initial top up for any other possible usage.
I’m perplexed enough to just tske my laptop and use Skype from that.
Thanks anyway, Christa.

It’s a “3” phone. It downloaded the Skype program from the “heavens” OK, but from thereon, nada!