Having used skype for years with no problems this morning it is giving me hell.

My online status is jammed on Do not Disturb so that my other half calling from Pakistan is unable to get thru and I am not able to call her. We can type to each other and also call on mobile no. Can some one help please. John

Perhaps you need to upgrade to W10. From what I am gathering, those who do upgrade are generally OK but there are glitches, however new upgrades appear to be pushing people into upgrading to W10. My daughter has also lost Word, in fact the whole Office suite software and no tricks in the world seem to get round it. Fortunately as a student she is entitled to Office free but school only started today so she has not got the college's email yet. When she lost Skype, some of the embedded files appeared to have been 'changed' into another format. The difference is that she had recently upgraded to W10 and you are still on W7. Anyway, when she uninstalled all Skype files and loaded again from scratch what she got is different to what I have and, if anything, a little better.

Perhaps that is your solution.

Have done all of the above but no good! But we have discovered that if I remain invisible my wife can connect but I am unable to call out. Bizarre. Thanks John

Thanks Brian, but I do not have Windows 10 I am still 7. But maybe by doing what you suggest it may work.

If you have just upgraded to Windows 10 it may be the same as my daughter. At first Skype was fine, then it jammed. In the end we found it easier than anything to completely remove Skype, including all files that showed she had had it, then reloading from new. It took about half an hour all told but was considerably less that the couple of hours she had spent trying to make a call to a friend.

I have always had problems with Skype but I have discovered a new app called Zoom. I highly recommend it to anyone. It runs a much lower bandwidth and is free 1to1. Try it.