Slightly arthritic dog

Our pointer is 13 years old and has a bit of arthritis in his back legs. We’ve seen a food supplement called Joint Aid, advertised in The Connexion. We have also found it sold much more cheaply elsewhere but the real question is: Does it work? Any advice or alternatives gratefully received.

I used to buy Seraquin from VETUK for a friend who has a border collie with poor joints

Thanks Trudy and Shauna, he’s not too bad at the moment, just a little stiff and if possible we don’t want to put him on medication yet if there’s a more natural solution.

Hi Wendy, I can’t answer your question about Joint Aid first hand but there are some reviews on that look favorable. I have a 14 year old chocolate lab that has been on adequan injections for at least a year and a half to 2 years. I did some research prior to approaching my vet and there were many people who indicated that they wish they had started these injections sooner with their dogs. Initially it is expensive, I believe 2 injections per week for 4 weeks then they go to maintenance which is one injection every 4 to 6 weeks…In the U.S. I pay $34 per injection. For several months Ellie would have a very noticeable improvement but the last few months have been more difficult. She has her setbacks where we have to medicate for pain. Here is a link and good luck finding some relief for your old guy…It’s so difficult watching them go thru this…