SM or something else like it?

Our son came across a picture on Facebook:

But we can’t identify what it is. The obvious is a Citroen SM, but the lights and wheel trims are wrong, and I think there may be a badge on the bonnet that’s not Citroen. I’ve done the obvious googling without success, but know there’s some Francophile classic car lovers here. Apparently the photo was called Presidential Citroen.

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If one scrutinises this photo… as closely as others did recently to a royal photo…

all might be revealed… :wink:

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Are you saying this is a creation in Photoshop?

It looks to me like a response to an AI request to 'show what a modern Citröen SM would look like." If it were real, I’d have just started a new savings account!

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Think you’re right @_Brian . The trees leading to the Tour Eiffel are all wrong. Back quarter panels look wrong for an SM

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Thanks everyone - I looked at the car, never thinking of something else.

Its rather nice though.

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The numberplate is all wrong as well - AI can’t (yet) do letters and numbers).

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And the nose owes a great deal to the CX…

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It makes me worry, if Ancient Mariner can (at first) be fooled by this, how many other people could be fooled by something a lot more dangerous.

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It is very worrying… how things are progressing…

what is real and what isn’t… ???
and makes buying locally more and more advisable… if you can’t see it “in the flesh”… be wary.

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It was interesting in that when I use Google image search the car was clearly identified as an SM, and the impression is very much of that vehicle, yet still wrong. The number plate was odd, but I assumed it was blurred intentionally, rather than just nonsense.

Thanks for helping everyone.

Initially I thought there’d been a change of format ratio because the car’s proportions seem incorrect, but then noticed the chromatic spectrum difference between foreground and background. If someone could do all that in Photoshop, they wouldn’t have made the elementary mistake about the car’s proportions, so I assume it’s AI generated. Certainly looks false.

OH’s reminded me that we did see a genuine Presidential Car at Epoch Auto in Lyon a few years ago… lovely car with all its history and Press photos of the great man himself in it and alongside it…

must confess it wasn’t as magnificent as the car photo in this thread :wink:

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Yes AI created, did a reverse image search and found an article on AI and Citroen car models. This image is in there scroll down to find it.


All the AI Citröens look better than the real ones.

Alas, I don’t think any of them would pass the current NCAP tests. Plus the Green Mafia would want them built as milk floats.

there are still many lovely really old Citroens around… all the colours in all the sizes :wink:
OH and I see them “in the flesh” regularly and even get to drive 'em now and again…

In UK during the 90’s our modern family cars included XM, BX and Zantia… I yearned for a 2CV but Father Christmas couldn’t fit one in his sack… :wink:

Thanks Tim, that’s a good find.

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We’ve had a GSA (yuck!) 2x 2CV, 1x BX, 3x CX including an early 2.4 GTI. I miss the CXs, but they were all petrol and typically did 25mpg.

Thanks for that, I’ve forwarded it on to an old pal who will enjoy it. He has an SM in excellent fettle. He’s rather keen on Citröens, he also has a DS, an Ami 6 estate, a GS estate and a C6. He had a Mehari that was nicked from his front garden and a DS convertible (a Usine, not a Chapron) that he flogged during a period of fiscale realignment :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. We attended a SM rally about ten years ago and despite SMs still being relatively inexpensive one of the participants, a German chap had one of these…

which are very rare and pricey.