Small bee deterrent

Hi, we have a small furry bee with an orange 'bottom' hanging around in my husband's workshop. It has found a small hole in the work bench and has been hovering around it on and off for a couple of days looking like it intends to set up house. Now it seems to want to claim the whole bench and is buzzing my hubby when he goes near. We don't want to get rid of the bee but would like some advice on how we could deter it from using this particular spot. I thought of filling the hole and then covering the bench with a cloth for a while (hubby still needs to work there!) so it cannot make itself at home there. Would be grateful for any ideas and suggestions. Thanks.

it all sounds so very CUUUTTEE,

but yes they are a nuisance when you want to get some work done. I often get harassed when strimming, or cutting the lawn.

filling the hole, I concur. I know people who leave cinder blocks with little holes in them to encourage bees to set up shop in them, and not in their walls, or rooves.

thanks for that, will give it a go.

Ho hum, an engineer bee. They are solitary, make a little nest in some kind of burrow as you describe and may well hang around too long. They are pretty well harmless but if it is a rivalry between human and bee she will not wish to lose. He may find himself stung, bee will perish and it is possible that newly hatched bees may then begin to colonise the area. The solution is to use a strong plastic base filler and evict the little guest. It will take a while but in the end it tends to work.