Small business costs

I’m being advised that to run a small business (micro-entrepeneur) I should expect to have to spend €1500 thereabouts for accountancy services. Is this correct?

Absolutey not! There is no reason why any ME would need to waste money on an accountant. I make this statement as someone who has been self-employed in France since 2008, being on régime réel (& TVA registered) until 2017, & ME (sans TVA) since then.


I’m in my third year and have never paid for professional help. It’s very straightforward to do yourself - no accountant needed (i think that’s because there’s no traditional ‘accounting’ due to the Micro Entrepreneur regime)

I also avoid paying big bucks for a french business bank account - you’ll need a separate account once you’re past two years and have a certain revenue - but it doesn’t need to be a ‘business’ account.

Isn’t the whole point of using the micro approach that you don’t need an accountant?

Although I was told that you do have to have an accountant sign off your profit and loss account if you are on regime reél…so v interested how you do this Badger as we would like to change over to this as would work out better for us…

I concur - the whole point of ME is that it is simple and does not require an accountant.

@Vitesse I concur with everyone else here - the whole point of being an ME is that there are no accountancy costs at all!

This is only partly true. If you don’t use a “centre de gestion agréé” to peruse your accounts before filing the taxman inflates your net profit by 25% i.e. your 10 000€ net profit becomes 12 500€. Despite that I always found that the increase wasn’t relevant when balanced against accountancy costs & the fact that (being a two part household) I rarely made large net profits above the tax free allowance.