Small cheap "reminder" watch for my wrist

I am on tablets and it’s important I remember to take them and I’m inclined to forget. I never wear a watch and I am not glued to my mobile phone - anyway we don’t always have a signal.
Has anyone any recommendations please for a small / lightweight watch that I can wear (reluctantly) on my wrist that will buzz me (gently) to remind me I haven’t taken my tabs.
Thanks for any thoughts /suggestions

I’ve not tried it tbh, but if you set something up on your phone, does it not act independently of a mobile signal?

I’ve not read through this yet but may be relevant…


Nice idea but not for me Graham. I am not glued to my phone, as I said because we have little or no signal. So most of the time I have no idea where it is and certainly wouldn’t hear it buzz. Hence the need for something physically attached to me. Loathe though I am to wear it. :frowning_face:

Not super cheap, but possible maybe? (It was in french and has now turned into english….think you can swap to french site in euros)


this one from Amazon France at 28€ look good value with up to 12 daily alarms.

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Thanks @graham and @JaneJones - just what I need. You’ve both found the same supplier and the strap looks just right. I might go for the bright pink one. :grinning:

Brilliant. just bought it. Amazon prime. Will arrive Monday.


Huh! Had I know you were going to patronise Amazon I might not have linked it!

But don’t forget to actually put it on your wrist…

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why so? we use Amazon frequently for a wide of things and never have a problem with them, delivery or the standard of goods purchased…

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People are free to make their own ethical decisions. I choose to focus on things other than price to my pocket and convenience.

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I would have suggested a cheap fitness tracker like this one:équence-Bluetooth/dp/B089NS9JW2/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=fitness+tracker&qid=1659081596&sr=8-5
on the basis that you’d get a dual-function device

Enjoy your purchase!


of course they are Jane - as much as I am free to say I have no problem with Amazon…
I was only curious as to why you felt inclined to say that you would not have recommended Amazon, that’s all… nothing sinister - honest!

Does that model provide timed alarms though? I couldn’t see that function in the link you provided…

When I posted my reply I thought “Jane’s not going to like that”. :grinning:

For me one of the benefits of Amazon is that it offers small suppliers a worldwide access - the “long tail” of business that in the past consultants advised companies to chop off and focus on key relationships - so the tail didn’t get a chance, now it does. Some of the stuff I buy, like spare “string” for my strimmer, plastic blades for my 20 year old hover mower I know are coming from small suppliers and in the past I would have thrown my old strimmer and mower out because no-one would have supplied me spares.
I get stuff from Germany that I know I would never find locally and I would have no solution.
I am saved travelling extensively by car throughout Lot et Garonne trying to hunt something down, wasting hours and money. Instead it comes on a van driven by someone who now has a job and there are loads of other things on the van, so that means others too have not had to drive many kms in this rural part of the world to get what they need.
All of this pleases me and I am glad Amazon is there.


That is an acceptable reason! (Well maybe not strimmer string as we have ample local sources).

I always look for local outlets first (even if it delays the purchase for a few weeks until we can go to X without big detour), and then independent internet providers. But if neither were successful I would consider Amazon, but not because of delivery. Mind you, once I have got to the stage of looking on Amazon I’ve quite often found an alternative solution!

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Glad SuePJ you found something that works for you.

Installed on my computer is a desktop reminder which lets out a loud yodel (and I mean loud!) when the computer is switched on, and if a reminder is due that morning. Or you could set the reminder to forewarn you the day before. Whatever you want.

Searched for something originally that could remind me when radio cat collar batteries needed replacing. An expensive lost cat collar remains forever in a field somewhere if the battery is flat. Or if a cat doesn’t return home, can find a trapped, incapacitated or dead cat. Became useful for all sorts of needed reminders.

But, you have to have a routine for it to work reliably. When I get up in the morning, I walk past my computer and switch it on every morning without fail, and then go downstairs to put the kettle on. I have set it so that any reminding yodel, yodels after 8am.

And, I have a watch that vibrates on my wrist to remind me that a mug of tea has brewed for 5 minutes, ready to retrieve and drink. No more lukewarm tea! Très importante!

Both these reminders, and the gps device in the car, have been life changers.

Thanks for the thought Bonzo. When the day is a day of routine it’s fine. It’s when I’m NOT at my computer or even at home that I have problems eg the early morning visit to the vets, or a photo club meeting about the exhibition which lasts all morning and then getting home and finding the guests are on their way out and leaving me to sort out the internet for them and suddenly it’s four in the afternoon and I’ve forgotten to take my morning tabs. :grinning: At least I only have this problem twice a day.

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apologies to @SuePJ for hijacking her topic…

There are some interesting points about that I’d like to mention…
I never switch my computer off (only the monitor at night). The sound comes from the system box as opposed to the monitor so is also always available.
Convention suggests that leaving a PC switched on 24/7 is a good thing. In my case (with Linux as the OS) updates are downloaded overnight and is connected to a UPS which also serves to balance out any spikes in the power.
There are of course differing view points but this might be a useful read:

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Thanks, I’ll have a read. Always wondered about leaving it on…but have guilt feelings about wasting electricity…maybe switching off the monitor will mitigate that!

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this additional resource my be a guiding light…

and I think this holds true:

You can save a lot more electricity by addressing your heating, cooling, and lighting instead of obsessing over whether leaving your computer powered on overnight is using a lot of electricity and costing you a lot of money.

It was mentioned in the comments