Small claims courts Uk any experience?

A previously good paying customer UK. Normally she pays a cheque on delivery she failed to have a cheque book with her for her last delivery( may). Since then I have had several conversations which result in her promising to pay me by BACS transfer, I have provided the details 3 times. The last time was last Friday but as of today still no payment.

I have emailed her this morning but via her website form as I don’t have a direct email. I’m getting itchy about it now, it’s not a huge amount but it matters to us.

Any suggestions would it be a bit previous to consider the small claims court or is that not an option as we are in France . We are registered as a small business in the Uk also for the same business.


Yes I have done that , I was just wondering if anyone here had had the experience of chasing it from this side of la manche. thanks

You can issue small claims online now it will cost you not sure how much but the web site will tell you
Just google small claims court uk p