Small holding, farm or large plot to rent in Laguedoc 34

Hello. Hopefully I can get some advice here. We currently operate a livery yard in Scotland that promotes natural horse care. We have family in Herault and are considering moving to the area. Does anyone have any sites or forums that advertise land to rent. Ideally a farm or small holding although an existing equestrian property would be ideal if not slightly unrealistic. Renting is our only option at this stage as we need to sell our own home and I know this will take time.

Any help would be most appreciated. specialises in horse farms? just a thought, we have just found a superb smalholding to rent with an option to buy in Charente through rentals. They have places all over France to rent but few of the French owners reply so get someone in country to do that; but you have to go through a lot to find the right one; moving over in July ourselves. good luck Liz

Thanks to everyone for their tips. We have joined as many Facebook groups as we can and I have tasked my mother, who lives there, with scouring the locals and putting the word out. We found our last 2 houses in Scotland by using forums etc so they are invaluable.

I know St affrique reasonably well as my mother lived there for many years but it is probably a bit far away for us.

A good friend of mine has a magnificent hilltop farmhouse for sale with two other lovely houses that he rents out. It also has good stabling and a riding paddock. It is at St Sernin Sur Rance near St Affrique and may be a little further north than you are looking.

I doubt if he would be interested in renting but you never know and you may sell quicker than you think.

Jean is a most charming man and scrupulously honest, and also speaks very passable English.

If you google La Bouriette Haute St Sernin Sur Rance there are extensive details of the property and lots of pictures.

Its the most glorious of settings surrounded by a vast chestnut forest.

Good luck with your search.

I have also came across this site which has 3 properties to rent in 34...hopefully the long url will work! has came up with several websites, which may also offer rentals.

I also suggest joining horse related Facebook groups in 34 as they are a great way of bringing interested parties together

Friend is in the throes of trying to sell his farm its more than 10 acres the sale and conversion to equestrian use by a couple appears to have gone cold while not in your area ist in the Tarn on the Aude border

You could try or indeed searching 'equestre immo' in

Hi, we have been trying to find places to advertise our property for sale in south west France (, in the UK, France and other parts of Europe but have found it difficult.

Here are a couple that might help: - which is a link to SAFER but I think that this is for sales only.

Also has a property page.



a) local notaires

b) local immobiliere (estate agents)

c) marie

My experience is that you will get one reply in six.

But, if you are lucky they may be able to help you assess the commercial viability of your proposed venture.

Good luck, and remember that Rome was not built in a day.

I've looked on and there's nothing there but keep an eye out. Best contact the local safer ;-)