Smart and courageous vs stupid and vacious?

The Rooney/Vardy case has been deemed important enough to be included on UK news broadcasts for some time whereas any anti Putin protests don’t get a mention, it is where we are in the 21st Century.


To quote a previous colleague discussing the Eastenders TV show in the 1980s “it’s bad enough that people like this exist without putting them on television”. Or indeed in the newspapers.


Er, spelling mistake in your headline.

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It seems about right, all things considered. :rofl:

You certainly have to admire the bravery of Pussy Riot.

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I did see a piece, with pictures, of an anti-war demo in Moscow, at the war memorial. It was either in the Independent on line or the New York Times.

Fri 13th. Disappointed with the NYT. Today they have this.


Need to know? Nowt. Nada. Zilch. Rien de rien. Sweet F.A. [nothing to do with footie]

And the ‘famous wives … soccer players’ ? Surely that should be, if we must, ‘The wives of two famous soccer players.’

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