Smart device contactless payments

It seems that Credit Agricole doesn’t support one of the biggest smartphone digital wallet/payment systems out there (Google Wallet/Pay) but they do support Samsung’s system - which is restricted to users of Samsung devices. Well, I have a non-Samsung phone, but I do have a Samsung smartwatch. You should be able to register a payment card on a Samsung Watch like mine even if the paired phone isn’t a Samsung one. I’ve tried, but it comes up unsupported card issuer. I’m trying to resolve this with Britline, but in the meantime I wondered if anyone here has successfully got their CA card working on a Samsung smartwatch?

Is the problem that CA won’t let you load your card on to anything other than a Samsung phone wallet? That doesn’t seem sensible given the wide range of devices their clients must use. Nobody with another Android or iPhone can use their CA cards? And as for the transaction end, I’m not sure how smart device payment systems work but I doubt that the retailer’s terminal cares what make of device one has. I’d guess it just gets an specific format NFC message.

FYI you can use CA cards on Apple Pay. We’ve had no problems doing so.

It seems that it’s only Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, and that’s it. Paiement mobile - Crédit Agricole Normandie

We regularly use Apple Pay - works fine

I don’t have an Apple phone so, like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay is useless for the vast majority of phone users, who don’t have phones made by these companies.

Yes, got that from your first post. My comment was just to point out what is supported by CA as another poster wasn’t sure.

I think there is an Android app called Paiement Mobile, from CA. I’ll check it out.

I’ve now tried the CA Paiement Mobile app but was thwarted at the Code Personnel - it’s a numeric code which I assumed was my card PIN code but that didn’t work. So frustrating!

The Code Personnel is a six digit number that you choose when you first set up your online access to your account(s).

OK - my wife set the joint account up - I will ask her if she has it. :+1:

I get the feeling that each of us needs a unique 6-digit code? My wife’s code won’t let me install the Ma Banque app on my device because it’s already on my wife’s phone.

That’s correct - for a joint account each signatory needs their own unique code.

OK - no idea how I get mine, so I have emailed Britline for advice.

Good luck!

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By the way, I’ve just noticed that if I start to log into my account via the website (on phone or pc), after I’ve entered my account number there’s an option to reset the code personnel.

Yes but I don’t have one to start with.

Well if you don’t have an account number then I’m baffled…

As I recall you choose it when you first set up online banking.
If two of you share the same online account then I do not know what the procedure is for having two codes for one account number.

If you only have one account (eg current account) then you can use the same code, or can have one each. If you each have additional accounts u(eg LEP, LivretA) then you each have separate codes.

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