Smart Electricity Meters in UK

Is this UK Meter the same as the “Linky” being installed in France… does anyone know ??? :thinking:

The principle is the same but the displays and probably the innards are different. The French devices are described on the net as being “uniquely French”, whatever that means, and of award-winning design. I had the UK version installed a year or so ago and its advantages are mind-boggling – when you switch on the kettle, it tells you you’re using more electricity. Similarly, you can see your gas consumption goes up when you turn on the central heating. The main problem with the first-generation UK meters is that they can fail to work properly if you change energy suppliers. Mine also loses its connection to the company on a daily basis. The French are good at technology and I’d hope their system has been better thought-out.


It will be interesting to see how it works, when my time comes… but you did make me chuckle… :wink:

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2 different types installed in the UK. Explained here…

Seems the UK ones will be more expensive than originally thought… (now, where have I heard that sort of thing before?)