Smartphone bought in UK - will it work with Orange SIM?

We want to have a french mobile number, using an Orange PAYG Sim that we will buy in France. For occasional use only in France.

I can buy a cheap (c€60) Sim free smartphone in the UK . Am I right to assume that an Orange Sim bought in France will work?



Don’t know about Orange but our UK bought phones work with Reglo Mobike sims.

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Providing it isn’t sim/network locked, it should work just fine.


Thanks both.


I had my phone charging port die on my while I was in France with the result that my current Motorola is a timitalia skinned one - works fine on my UK SIM.


and mine (my son’s old One Plus 3T) works just fine on the Bouygues network.

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Certainly worked the other way with my non smart phone in the days before roaming was done away with. I bought a UK sim and slipped it in on the ferry each time.

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Works well as long as phone is unlocked.


You tested it with WhatsApp @David_Spardo ? :rofl:

Not sure that was invented at that time, certainly I had never heard of it. :rofl:

JFI it was 2009

So with WhatsApp you could be having a live video feed to another person our group of people, possibly showing them the connection changes on a TV box or something.

If I wanted to I could do that with Facebook or Skype, this old screen does not have an inbuilt camera, so I have a remote one on quite a long lead. :wink:

Eh!? My M’rola G6 has 2 SIM slots. One has Free [FR] and the other iMobile [UK] Both work perfectly well in FR, UK and ES.

iMoble regular send a Billy Doo telling me I can “Roam like at home” i.e. the service in any country is charged at the rate of my UK a/c - that is: calls/data/text - unlimited @ £7/m

M’rola’s latest models proclaim “Dual SIM slots”. This a bit of a porkie because, unlike the G6, the choice is either 2 SIMs or 1 SIM + 1 SD card. The G6 take all 3 at once.

The M’rola’s retrograde spec has been dreamed up by the bean counters because the equivalent of adding a 64Gb SD card to a 64Gb G6 is to buy the 128Gb version of the G31 for an extra £20.

But I see the G31 128Gb on sale for €140, a rare example in my experience of tech being nicely cheaper in FR than UK

SNAP! :grinning:

For UK citz res in FR pretty much a necessity. FR institutions will not accept a +44 number. A +33 in FR carries a lot more weight for security than +44 does in UK

+44 similarly useful for UK institutions and contacts, tho’ my UK bank is happy with a +33 # as a back-up, unlike the FR bank the +44.

Dual SIM is my #1 must have for a mobile, followed by massive battery life. The M’rolas score well here - 5000mAh batts in most models now. And very competitive prices. As a Lenovo brand, good quality, too.

I don’t work for them. I just buy them.


Depending upon how often you’re planning on being out here, it might be worth investing in a phone with dual SIM capability. I have my Vodafone and my Sosh SIMs in my RealMe 8 phone, so I only need to carry one phone with me at all times and people can contact me on either number.


Dual SIM, its a yes from me! Thanks @Gareth and @captainendeavour.

I was looking at cheaper smartphones today and dual sim seems both ideal and not expensive.

When dialling out, how do you choose which sim to use?

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Maybe device specific but this regarding Samsung may be helpful


I get the option to choose when I dial the number - same for choosing which SIM to use for data so I don’t get stung with unexpected charges.

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You get to choose.

In the Setting > Cards bit you can set the two cards to do whatever you choose. One for calls, the other for data or any combo. Best is to set it to ‘Always ask’.

This is a stonking price for a very good phone. Motorola Moto G31 4GB 128GB Dual Sim Blue | CSmobiles | CSmobiles


is that what you have Chris?

Phones sold in the EU and phones sold in the UK for some time are not locked and, reputedly, Three phones never were.