Smartphones may hold the key to "isolation" evaders etc

Mmmm… I wonder just how many folk would want to go out without their smartphone ??? not too many I reckon… :wink: :woozy_face: (hopefully)

The Chinese used this surveillance method and Singapore used an App so that if you tested positive there was a record of where you had been. With a total lockdown it’s not too relevant but it could come into its own to ensure that when things start to relax again it is in a controlled manner.

If the films are to be believed, just leaving it at home, won’t be enough. By a process of elimination, one can reasonably calculate the expected activity on a normally used mobile phone and compare that to the actual use of the phone, to deduce whether or not one left their phone somewhere else leaving that person enough time to infringe the law ;-), or something perfectly legitimate like digging potatoes in the garden! :laughing:

I think I must be the ‘Last Mohican’ in this respect as I genuinely do not have a smartphone with which to go out anyway.

Ha ha… the news article talks about “smartphone”… but since my provider knows where I am when I go abroad… I reckon all mobiles will be included in the setup.

I have a newer phone… which my daughter still considers stone-age… as it has no internet connection… but it allows me to make and receive calls and messages and that is quite enough… (more than enough sometimes…) :laughing:

Too true Stella — too true. Mine is like yours but most of the time it just sits in my coat pocket firmly turned off. To be honest I often only turn it on in order to find out what time it is if I’m out and about and away from the car, as I haven’t worn a wristwatch in donkey’s years.

When we moved to France we vowed to never again be at the beck and call of the telephone… and it was a joy to no longer hear the ominous beeeep of the answerphone on entering the house… phew… the quiet life at last.

and… I cannot remember when I last wore a wristwatch. One was a present from my Dad and the other belonged to my father-in-law. although I now rarely wear them…I keep them out of love for both those gents.

the mobile has crept into my life… as I have taken on various responsibilities locally which mean I must be available… aaaargh… I’m a glutton for punishment.

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