SMARTSAT - Good, bad, indifferent? Advice needed

Good morning everyone! Has anyone heard of Smartsat? Having watched my husband nearly have a stroke trying to watch the rugby on the compootah last weekend (following the demise of Sky in our area) I am wondering about Smartsat. Any advice would be welcomed.

I have found a provider in France called Net Dream Systems. Has anyone dealt with them?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gill and thanks. We have tried all sorts of options, including using, etc. It's the buffering/pausing that is driving us mad. We have download speeds of between 5 and 7 mbps (depending on which speed test you believe). So not sure wherein the problem lies.

Thanks Brian. Will look into it further.

Hi Shelia we have IPTV through expatvision, it depends on how good your broadband service is but it works for us, and great customer service. We get every conceivable channel including BT and Sky sports so my rugby loving husband is very happy!

Smartsat is the service giving UK TV in Spain, I don't think the satellite covers France. I don't know Net Dreams (hmm, transpose W for N....) Systems, but do they have a legitimate concession? Friends in Portugal are not 'legally' supposed to have Smartsat, so worth taking a closer look.