Smelly Cat

Hi all
Hoping someone can help a very very sweet semi feral kitten ( it was actually one of 7 born in our garage and mum cat took them a couple of weeks ago) has decided to adopt us the problem is though very sweet he STINKS!!! he has very bad wind - im feeding him on brekkies for kittens and am hoping someone out there as some idea how to stop this smell - hes really taken to my daughter and she wants him to sleep with her but just cant cope with the smell

okay thanks ill give that a try - <3

Passing wind in cats or kittens often results from a poor quality diet, I would suggest changing his food, have you noticed what his poo’s are like (this is a lovely discussion! - sorry)
I have found with my own cats that Brekkies in particular gives them diahrea. We now feed all of our cats on Royal Canin, and although initially more expensive, health wise they are in fantastic condition, and if you feed just what it says on the packet, you can’t go wrong.
A visit to your vet to check him over would also be a good idea, just in case there are other problems. A bout of worms can also result in excessive wind, so again, check with your vet for some treatment.


The problem could be he was born with worms. We have a kitten with a prolapsed anus and this is due to worms. The vet said if the mother has the worms and has a litter then the kittens will have them. I remember the 3 kittens were all f…ting like troopers and were all smelly! Could be your problem, hope this helps.