Smoke Detectors

I don’t know if you all already know, but apparently from March 8th this year, all homes in France must be equipped with a smoke detector. From what I have just read, it’s one per dwelling, irrespective of size, which seems a little odd. Landlords are responsible for all of their properties.

Elaine the answer is the comment I made a few above, fiasco like breathalisers because of the law being passed but no way france could manufacture the number required to meet the law they just passed. They are also conning the french that they must be NF stamped where the EN standard is fine

Why? In the car?
We have one in the camper, CO2 also. Then a fire extinguisher and a kitchen fire blanket.

Annual death rates are frightening. Not quite as bad as road deaths, but alongside those numbers, the threat of terrorism pales into insignificance.

I don't believe they have cancelled it, it's active but if you don't comply they won't do anything?? only in france!

My wife had actually bought two for each car before they cancelled the requirement.

Yes it's an idiotic french farce, in a similar vein to the breathaliser fiasco

We have a few smoke detectors and a kitchen fire extinguisher and one

in the hallway plus a fire blanket.

Not fined but dead.

The French Parliament has granted to people who have not purchased their smoke detectors per 8th March, but have ordered them, a new delay to install them till …. 2016.

By the way, you cannot be fined if you have none.

Thanks for the figures Mike, yes much to do about nothing.

Hi Pauline, I found this article about lifebox detectors when i was trying to look for avis as to what where the best ones to buy , maybe worth it to check the serial numbers on your detectors? hope it's not the same ones in the article

You can get those little fire blankets too for your kitchen, I managed to pick one up in Lidl's for just 6.99 . I agree with your other post about the layout of modern housing these days, we rented the last house we lived in and that was all open plan downstairs with an open staircase , no contremarche, door or solid wall nothing to stop smoke going straight up to the bedrooms , a total death trap in a fire. We eventually bought our second house, 1950's maison type Nantaise but if i was to put a smoke detector in every piece i would have about 15 of them...a bit excessive! So i had a think where is a fire most likely ? so i have one in the buanderie in the sous sol one at the interior stairs leading up to the living room , one in the long corridor outside the living room and kitchen , one going up stairs again ( this one has a light in the corner to help light up the staircase) and i will put one up again outside the kids bedrooms , the last one was faulty and kept going off at all hours even with a new battery fitted. One thing i always do is keep my front door keys in the lock especially at night and the key to the back door in the sous sol is always in the lock because the last thing you want to be doing trying to escape a fire is hunting about for your door keys.


You don't need one in the kitchen because you should be awake when cooking, though you might find a fire extinguisher handy.....!
The best place to fit smoke alarms is high up, just outside the rooms where you sleep. The theory is that the smoke rises to the highest point within the building. By keeping close to the floor you should be able to breathe relatively clean air as you make your escape.

Should be one per cat. Only fire I've nearly had ...caused by heat-seeking moggie. She sits on every electric item with any kind of glow..Welded her backside to gradually overheated/smouldering/melting Christmas lights. Not discouraged by all night fumes/smoke. Just miffed.. when unplugged.

Leroy Merlin have a range from around 10 euros to 17 euros.

What price a life?

Our landlord sent someone to fit ours today. He was here less than 2 minutes! The model fitted has a guaranteed 10 year battery life which is pretty impressive. In case anyone is interested the model is a BRK SA410Li.

Lots of fires start in electrical appliances. There were plenty of fires caused by a certain make of imported fridge in the UK- maybe it's been sorted. Depends where you have your appliances of course, not your surgical ones any comedians out there! I got some nasty burns once, couldn't understand how until I went to my French doctor who recommended a better quality carpet. I am not convinced that an NHS doctor would have twigged it.

A lot of my friends/family have been doing it wrong then. If it doesn't go in the kitchen, which is where the highest risk of a fire starting is, then perhaps it won't go off every 5 mins. Can't see it being much use though.

Just put it up in the cubby hole under the stairs then, Steve :)