Snakes in the pool

My daughter vacated our pool pretty quickly this afternoon after she saw a brown 'snake swimming towards her!
We caught it in a net and put it in the field only thinking later that we should have photographed it.
Probably a grass snake or slow worm in the Dordogne. Any thoughts please.

You can Google to your heart’s content… loads of info and pictures

Here is a site in English

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Young whip snake? Not dangerous to humans.

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Better safe than sorry, we have vipers that like to swim across our pond. Did it have a very triangular head? And round eyes or like oblong vertical slits?

My husband thinks it’s like the whip snake in your picture John Withall.

Don’t know if they are here in France, but in Portugal, there were ‘dodgey’ fresh water snakes :roll_eyes:

Dodgey as in selling knock off goods :grinning:

Good to see you’re staying really ‘CHIPPER’ John, no as in Toxic Dodgey :roll_eyes:

Snakes on a plane is worse, terrible film :smirk:

I’ll stay away from that then,
Thanks John :+1: :grin:

I don’t think it was a viper. The only markings were on it’s head. It swam very fast.

You should find all you need to know about french snakes here;

Note the similarity between the asp viper and the (harmless) viperine snake. In any case never be tempted to harm or kill any snake -they are all legally protected.

Hi Patrick… isn’t this the same link I posted a few days ago… :thinking::roll_eyes::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


We put the snake in the farmer’s field. I wouldn’t think of killing it.

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Sorry to repeat your link -to a very good site. I try to limit my computer time , so only visit briefly and don’t always follow threads right through ( especially those which sometimes wander off the point). Keep up the good work!

No Problem Patrick… I was wondering if you had meant to hit another link and got the one “we both did” by mistake…