SNCF Timetables

I am trying to find where I can go by public transport from my home in Manche department and am finding the SNCF website extremely frustrating. It doesn’t seem to be possible to download timetables for each line as the site is geared towards personalising the timetables to the journey I have already decided to make!
Short of going to each possible station and picking up a paper copy of the timetable, if they are there, does anyone have any other suggestions?

I can download bus timetables easily but trains are driving me nuts!

Thanks for any suggestions.

Is this site of any use to you Angela?

Enter your local station name and it will list you the current destinations of trains calling there.

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Thank you Carl.
I had a good look around the SNCF website before asking but of course didn’t spot that particular feature… sigh… it’s certainly a good start for exploring where I can get to from those destinations and intermediate stops. You are very kind!

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