Snooker, anyone?

Has anyone been watching snooker? There’ve been a couple of championship tournaments to watch. Today was the final for the World Grand Prix.

Two weeks ago was the UK championship tournament final.

Just wondered if others watched.

Not many snooker fans here it seems.
I’ll watch it if Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing…he makes it look so easy.
I was a Civil Servant for a couple of years and the office I worked in had a full size snooker table on the top floor. Not many people seemed to know about it so a few of us would spend some time in the evenings honing our talent. In my case, no amount of honing increased my talent so I do appreciate their ability.


me too but the one thing I can’t stand is that nutter Virgo and his incessant “where’s that cue ball going?”. Some off the commentators are quiet and calming but he’s just, well, gross.
We bought a house with a full size snooker table and all the trimmings in it’s own specially kitted out room. Never improved my game either :wink:

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Dad acquired a half-size??? snooker table, when I was a kid… so we all had a whale of a time with that… it had the necessary to transform it into a large dining table if required, but we played so often that those boards were seldom in situ…

This thread has brought back wonderful memories. :hugs:

When we moved to Southwold, there was a full-size table in one of the community rooms. Took a while to get used to the difference, but then… mmm… we gave our new neighbours a run for their money… :upside_down_face: :wink: :wink:

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I believe Virgo was stuck in Spain during the World Championship(some sort of virus going around😉) so it’s given others a chance to give commentating a go.

Big snooker fan Mary.
Watch as much as possible.
The last few tournaments have been excellent. I usually go for the underdog and would love to see one of the young chinese kids win a big one.
I used to play a lot of snooker ( very badly ) and I can honestly say these boys make a very difficult game look ridiculously easy.
I enjoy the darts too.

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One of the benefits of having Sky and Virgin Media is not having to listen to John Virgos inane comments, Joe Johnson, Alan McManus and Steven Hendry are much, much better.
FIL watches all the snooker, which has been on a lot recently.

Yeah, the Eurosport has Joe Johnson and Do.inique Dale plus Jimmy Wjite and The Rocket etc giving great coverage and the ITV version with Stephen Hendry and McManus and co are brill too. The BBC coverage used to be tedious with Virgo, Davis and Thorne & co.

what has become of his reported return to competitive snooker?

I used to enjoy watching Steve Davis, Ray Reardon, Hurricane Higgins… and so many more.

Got out of the habit of watching when life for us took a different turn…

Still check out youtube from time to time… :slight_smile:

The people we bought our house from manufactured competition grade snooker tables and they used to host snooker parties including some of he big names… I had the pleasure then of owning a table on which some of the giants of the game had actually played…

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Very nice too… but I reckon they left it behind, rather than move it. :wink:

Dad had to get the floor strengthened in most of the homes we moved to, due to the weight of the table… :rofl: :rofl:

Nope, I bought it as a separate transaction to the house purchase… The drive was stacked with slate beds which he did move.

I was teasing… :upside_down_face: :wink:

Our table had the slate in it… which is why it weighed an absolute ton… and , as we kids left home, it got used less and less… so Dad eventually gave it away to a good (and sturdy) home… provided they collected it !! :rofl: :rofl:

Great question: Stephen Hendry and The Yips issue. It’s an affliction that seems to be neurologic rather than psychological. Seems like the answer is nebulous.

The Guardian’s article about The Yips was interesting, especially this bit:
“…help may now be at hand. Scientists from the Technical University of Munich, writing in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, believe that something as simple as clenching your left fist before putting or bowling can make a significant difference.”

I confess it was fabulous to hear his commentating during frames; I felt it was one of the best things about watching the snooker on tv these last few weeks.

Speaking of underdogs… I’m pretty new to snooker; so forgive me for not knowing who Jack Lisowski was, prior to the Grand Prix. Wow, watching him when he was on form was kind of poetic, poetry in motion, I thought. I was hoping he’d prevail in the finals.

I wonder if he has a chance to win a championship someday. He seems to get to the finals, a lot.