Snooker Drivel

Does anyone else find the constant drivel from John Virgo a total distraction?

The guy is an absolute plonker.

His incessant driveling drives me to distraction to the extent that I'd rather not watch it.

I think they will engrave his headstone thus "Where's that cue ball going?"

All the other commentators seem to appreciate the subtlety of silence and letting the viewer make up their own mind about the progress of each frame.

Arggggghhhh. (apologies, rant over!!)

be sure your sins will find you out...

I quite like John Virgo tho' he does go on a bit.

I watched him play in exhibition matches and he was very funny, apart from being a superb snooker player. He had a very entertaining floor show and his mimes of the Hurricane, Ray Reardon and Terry Griffiths & Thorburn are legendary. Oh yes, the mime of Denis Taylor with the oversized specs was also brill.


I'm sure in his day he was a good commentator and player (indeed, I recently saw some old footage of him commentating on match some years ago, quite different to how he is now).

Sadly, like so many others, he doesn't know when it's time to put his cue back in the rack and reach for his pipe and slippers.

I like all sports but I totally agree with Graham, Virgo rabbits on for no apparent reason other than to hear his own voice and needs to be gagged. It's TV not radio, we can see what's happening. "Where's the white ball going...?" I've got a couple of reccommendations!

That and over-zealous clapping; a good shot applaud, but not everytime a ball goes down, shut up!

I'm also a Strictly fan but incessant whooping whenever there's a spin or lift is just bonkers.

...breathe...and relax...

Is snooker really a sport? In my humble opinion, sport is an activity that requires physical exertion to the point of being breathless, a bit sweaty and your heart going like the clappers. Just like darts, there is no question that snooker is a game of great skill that requires lots of practice to be good at but it's not a sport.

That would count out cricket and golf then Mandy...