Snow in Languedoc

A very rare occurance at the beginning of Feb, SNOW! so of course it was only right that we decided to make a bonhomme de chantier:

Its been about 5 years since I recall seeing snow in our village and not surprisingly all the kids loved it. We had to work quickly though as within half an hour it had gone:

It was certainly beautiful to see the surrounding garrigue covered in white dust:

The gite in the snow

Wow that’s beautiful!!

You should be in my part of the Aude

Yes i guess as languedoc is massive it’s true there’s loads of it up high, but it is unusual in our little area as it never settles it’s usually slush before its landed. my girls have only seen snow once before and they was in the UK. Next year we will go a bit further back into mountains and take them skiing or sledging.

it's not as rare as that, Suz...! ;-)