So 6 only + children at Christmas

"3 December 2020

19:11 CET+01:00

The French were advised by the prime minister that no more than six adults should be around the table at the festive “réveillon” dinners this year.

The French had already been warned by their president that Christmas 2020 would be like no other.

The Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Thursday that due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic in the country people should not gather in big numbers.

He said the government recommends no more than six adults around the table, without counting children.

He called on the French to be “careful and united”.

“We need to respect hygiene barrier measures and respect the most vulnerable and the elderly,” he said.

Before the second lockdown imposed on October 30th the government had asked families to respect a “rule of six” but didn’t make it a legally binding rule as it has been at times in the UK.

and, I think, we are waiting for confirmation of what the “barrier measures etc” will actually entail…

bearing in mind that it is 6sqm per person and masked, in Church… I’m wondering how this will transpose into a private house… :thinking: :upside_down_face:

Mmmm. I’ve no idea where my wife and I are going to find the other four and some kids. It’ll be a quiet réveillon chez nous cette année. Mind you, we’ve stocked up on booze just in case.


We’ll wait for the final instructions/recommendations before making any decisions on who to have round the table at Christmas, they’ll be no masks but also no kissing or hugging and we’ll only be together for the 25th.

We are ‘fortunate’ in that our families are scattered abroad and not one single one in France. Fortunate because it means we have no decisions to make re numbers and, as determined atheists with no kids to entertain, view Christmas Day only as a time when the shops will be shut in the afternoon.

To my mind, having anyone around the table is a risk. Whatever the ‘final instructions/recommendations’ are I would ignore them, but then I am spared that decision.

1 up on me …

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I think the festivities at the back end of the year which do not involve religious belief are worth celebrating. Raising a few glasses are due to mark the passing of the winter solstice. Jan and Feb may be colder and more miserable but our hemisphere is slowly turning towards the sun.

The Roman Saturnalia seems like a full-on romp, activities all areas, and the northern festival of Yule, shared by Scandinavia, Germanic peoples inc Anglo-Saxons is ‘our’ local celebration of the return of the sun.

Something for everyone to get into the party spirit.

Our commune is a right mixed bag, when it comes to beliefs and non-beliefs… however, I do not know of anyone of them who does NOT celebrate at Christmas …

and the celebrations start the Sunday before, with a rip-roaring Chants de Noël… in the church … no religious meaning for many of them, but who cares… we all sing Petit Papa Noël; Douce Nuit; Glory, Glory, Alléluia; Entre le bœuf et l’âne gris; Vive le Vent; etc…

plus many English carols/songs … of which the firm favourite is Twelve Days of Christmas which has everyone (all nationalities) gasping for air and/or in fits of laughter at the end…

We are in a rural part of France. The commune is far-flung, but folk tend to stick together/support one another… through the good and the bad.
I’ve no doubt other places do differ… but we seem to have struck gold.

Sadly, there’ll be no gathering this year… ah well… there’s always next year… :wink:

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I get all my singing from Radio 4 on a Sunday morning. I love hymns and always singalong remembering most of the words from my CofE primary and grammar schools. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

I also loved singing hymn’s at primary school, the whole school (smaller numbers then) would walk along to Holy Cross every school morning for the service. Happy days :smiley:

It’s the singing which folk thoroughly enjoy… even those who swear they are tone deaf/whatever… it’s such fun… and, of course, being year after year… it’s like a great “family” reunion :partying_face: :partying_face:

As if that will be adhered to. Judging by how busy the shops were today with people stocking up.


You really can’t beat Radio 4 IMO (inc. R4 Extra). It was my commuting companion for more years than I care to remember. Even in France I now listen to it in the car via my phone’s 4G. I wish I’d thought of that kludge before.

Me too, not exactly commuting though but whenever I was driving in the north. Then, early mornings its brother, the World Service which I could get in the south as well.

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Much better now John Humphrys has left the Today programme. Hearing his aggressive interviewing first thing every morning - ghastly!

Sorry, but having been an avid Radio 4 listener for nearly half a century (and Home Service before that) these days I find most of its output far too insular or depressing or irritating. However, will make exceptions for Just a Minute and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue and, just to show I’m not a total angry old man, isn’t Jack Dee a far more amusingly acerbic host of the latter than Humphrey Lyttleton ever was.

Can’t agree about Jack Dee and Humph, but as a fan of both I think you’d be hard put to get a fag paper between them. Nicholas Parsons used to irritate me, explaining jokes ruins them somewhat for me. :roll_eyes:

And Sue, we won’t agree about John Humphries either, though he does annoy me on Mastermind. :wink: :laughing:

Speaking of Mastermind I just happened upon a Welsh version on S4C this afternoon, Very instructive and the inquisitresse wasn’t Humphries either. :wink:

Mind you, my jaw aches a bit now trying to imitate some of the language. :roll_eyes:

I think half of HL’s impact was that his remarks seemed out of line with our perception of his public personna, amiably conducting or spinning MotR jazz etc, whereas with JD, the tone of his comments is expected, but they’re nevertheless hilarious because they’re so offensive (in the nicest possible way- not!).

Haven’t heard a christmas carol for over 15 years, that’s given me an idea to introduce the kids to them. Something very much missing here at christmas. As for who and how many… MIL said to other half yesterday evening that she still thinks we can do the usual and get everybody together!!! Absolutely mad and min double the number advised, possibly over 4 times that!!! We had said we’d just call in for coffee but the pressure’s on to do the whole day. Can’t face the thought of the usual 4 hour lunch with covid in the air… :open_mouth: