So I have a spiffing idea for a website

What do I do with it?

This sounds interesting. If finance is a problem, then depending upon the start up costs, you could see if fellow people on here would be interested in helping with the finance or the development.

I would certainly like to here a bit more information about the project you have in mind.

Thank you for all the replies. Have accepted your friends request Chris.

This bbc article might be useful:


I am interested, can you share it or do you want to talk privately?

I think it's a good idea because it is very simple and there is definitely a market. Similar sites exist but cannot find the same slant anywhere. Finance is an issue. And the fact that I am a total clutz as regards anything technical. Then there is the publicity, maintenance and updating!

Here's a cheeky question. If I approached Jacques Bloggs and asked him to develop it for me, how am I sure that he won't say 'Non, c'est pas possible' and then develop it himself? See, it's THAT good an idea. ;)