So, if you're all already in France, I don't have to 'big' it up!

Brrrr! Nippy just now isn’t it?

Very glad to find this network (thanks to Helen Marriott at Kudo Communications PR for pointing the way). And, hoping that, even though we don't yet live in France full time, it doesn't exclude us from nosing into the lives of all those of you who have made the switch and don't yet regret it... if at all. Why would you?

We bought our house in Brittany 12 years ago and have not only become completely hooked on the peninsula, but also started a business in 2001 which welds us very firmly to Brittany (in particular) but Normandy as well... and its sister site - Although this wasn't specifically the reason for joining SFN, having arrived here makes me wonder if there are any folks out there who are working as, or for Immobiliers in parts of France other than Brittany and Normandy. Reason? I am planning to launch a third, National site, making introductions between property marketeers in France and potential buyers principally from the UK but also from a surprising number of other countires. Strange also how many Brits who are spread worldwide and want to return to near to the UK - but not actually in it... I wonder why?

Anyway, if there are card carrying property market Immos or negotiators out there, in areas that have the right 'ring' to them - I'm thinking initially --- Loire, Charentes, Dordogne, Burgundy, Limousin, Haute Vienne, Haute Savoie, Picardy... but any popular area is up for consideration - then I'd love to hear from you...Joining us in our new venture will be advertising you only pay for when it works...

Tous les meilleurs - Chris Slade

Incidentally... We have, since we bought our house (that's it up there in the snow) we have travelled to and from UK on over 150 crossings and never been upgraded to Commodore... If anyone from Brittany Ferries reads this... Have a word! It wouldn't happen on Virgin!!! ;)