So many gigs, so little time. What are the ones you regret missing the most?

In early 68 Taste used to play in the North of England quite regularly, and I saw them 3 or 4 times while I was still at school. I spoke to Rory on several occasions and he was modest, charming and encouraging.

He even gave me a lesson on the riff that was to find fame in “What’s Going On” - letting me play his guitar…

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I think DP were a bit further around the shore, recording in the Stones’ mobile studio.

I saw Zappa several times in later years and he never disappointed.

Saw Gallagher a few times. What a loss!

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Saw him at Fairfield halls in Croydon mang times, we used to get choir seats behind the stage for next to nothing. He played hard, and was always breaking guitar strings which he had the knack of being able to change whilst still playing.

Never got to see Deep Purple ( i could have gone to see Mk3 purple but didn’t fancy it) - not the same without Gillan and Glover.

Never saw Bob Marley. The only artist I regret to have missed.
Worked in the music industry for years. PR and artist relations. Not keen on any more concerts without the All Access passes. Always good to haven escape route trough the back stage area.

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I wish I’d seen the Stones’ “Stripped” concert at Brixton Academy. I have the DVD and it’s great, but not like being there.
However, many years ago I was at Dingwalls in Camden Lock when Aretha Franklin turned up unannounced and belted out a magic impromptu set!:heart_eyes:


Walking past a record store in late 1990 I started listening to a guitar player I’d never heard before. Went in, listened some more, bought the record. Then I discovered he’d died in a helicopter accident a few months before, so no chance of seeing him live. Still not sure how Stevie Ray Vaughan passed me by,

Been to a few hundred gigs and right now I’d pay good money to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band…

A girl in the office I worked in loved Rory and I loved the girl in the office. Rory was playing in London so I bought tickets and asked the girl if she wanted to go with me. I became instantly attractive…


Now here’s a gig I would have loved to be at. Though it might have killed me :slightly_smiling_face: