So that's the choice, bankrupt banks or inflation

Trouble is, these banks are considered ‘too big to fail’ so the poor old taxpayer has to ballena’em out.

While the fat cats on the boards continue to have a whale of a time.


‘cats’ or ‘catfish’?

You introduced crustaceans into the thread and now you’ve brought in cetaceans too - what’s the porpoise?


C’est assez :wink:
Not that Catfish are :grin:

Yeah, the banks learned that when they were bailed out in 2008. They take more risks because of it.

“banking” can be more like a casino these days, not banking at all really.

More “banco” than “bank”, then

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More angling than dealing.

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As one does :joy:

I seem to remember the story of an employee that had screwed up big time and cost the Company a lot of money being summoned to IBM CEO Tom Watson jr’s office. He was expecting to be fired but he wasn’t, Watson said “it’s just cost me $Xm to train you, why would I let you go now”. Obviously HSBC senior management have read… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


equally, I remember a story about visiting a supplier in Eire and in the MD’s office was a big hole in the wall…
“What’s the story behind the hole Noel?” I innocently asked -
“Ah be jasus, that was where my safe was - one of lads broke in a couple of night ago and stole it”
“you sacked him I guess”
“Hell no, anyone who can remove a safe so cleanly as that deserves to be working for me!”


Another one bites the dust… Saudi won’t be happy (which is one small upside to this debacle).

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