So What Am I Missing In France?

I return to France on Tuesday afternoon, after an entire month away.

This is the longest time I have ever spent away from home since we relocated in 2004.

Inevitably, my mind is now turning to my return, and I am looking forward to stoking up my wood burner and cooking on my Aga once again.

Friends in my area have commented on some of the fine days they have been enjoying, along with snippets I am picking up from Survive France and Facebook.

So, what delights have I got in store for me when I return?

Note - Please can nobody say "Oh, Jerusalem artichokes are in season" as I hate them!

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Bull by the horns and all that: They both produce a lot of foul smelling wind.

whatever he 's got, I wouldn't mind a bit of......


I see a connection beginning to emerge: does anyone care to speculate on the connection between topinambours and Preseident Hollande?

I hear from friend Zigou that it will be around minus ten in about a week from

now.....that's pretty cold?

M Hollande wow so unspecial why are the woman running after him.

Surely they should be going in the other direction.

No question marks...just surprised.

No thankfully, but slowly I am building a picture of "what to look forward to when I return"

I am just hoping that we don't have a bIG Freeze - no matter how short!

Correct, love them or hate them FHs predecessors like Mitterand, Chirac, Giscard and even Sarko at least gained some respect on the world stage - this guy, with the lowest ever presidential rating is seen as a bit of a joke worldwide it seems !

Don't know if you are a smoker but the price of a packet of twenty has gone up another 20 cents to 6.50€ per packet for the cheapest fags !!! Glad I packed up 25 years ago !

Yes indeed! That has slithered over the water, but I do get the disticnt impression don't take Hollande very seriously - it was the same when his ex, Segolene ran in the presidency elections - not sure whay, but its very much how I perceive it. A lack of gravitas on the world stage perhaps? That was an accusation laid at her doorstep I remember.

Big news is that François Hollande has admitted to an extra-marital affair..... must be big news as it was the main headline on tv & radio over the weekend !

apparently his trusted bodyguard was present at all times to ensure his safety !

I trust therefore our dear leader took all the precautions...

the mind boggles...

The peace and Tranquillity, Just heard from my son he and family are moving lock stock and barrel to Dubai, enough is enough he said of the UK

Lots of goodies at Maison du monde.

LOVELY things at Zara Home.

As a cat lover myself, so sorry to hear about Dusty and her kittens.......

Just had an email in, telling me about the further reductions in Maisons du Monde - so chalking up this one as something I'm missing - here's hoping there's some lovely goodies left for me when I hit the shops later this week!

I try to shop at our local associative shop (non profit making) as we are blessed with wonderful local produce.

I just know there will be a big box of those artichokes winking at me as I walk through the door on Wednesday when I do my shopping!

Jerusalem artichokes require a little patience.

They do make a pleasant soup...but you need a nice chix stock...

as you do for most soups.

What are you missing in France depends on who you are as a person.

Perhaps you will think about the chasse and the misery which it brings

to some of us who cherish our cats and dogs as we protect them from

misadventure involving the men with guns.

We lived on a main road in west London and instead of being surrounded

by vines we had a burrow of back gardens which were separated by walls.

Our cats were never killed by road but became elderly and died of an illness.

Here they wonder off and skip across roads and get killed by drivers.

Our lovely Dusty was buried yesterday with 2 of her kittens.

or even friends......

I have heard freinds talk about drinking coffee on the pavement this last week, although I feel totally confident I shall bring the Big Freeze with me and will have to hole up in my lounge for a month!

The french love them, but they're not for me!