So what does everyone think? Lockdown ahead?

I think you should exchange your blue bonnet for a Cap Bonnet Rouge Geof.
We all have to make sacrifices to defeat this appalling virus and as long as this is not being extended after, hopefully, this pandemic is under control, we all should accept this.

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Sorry for being a bit dense but I don’t know what EN stands for… :thinking:

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Minister of the National Education of the French Republic, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Put the picture up so Vero can throw virtual darts at him :yum:


Only for zone A, Timothy, ours are in zone C (2 weeks to go) and zone B aren’t off for another 3 weeks. Oh, just seen Véro’s reply, doh! Anyway another idea that’s doing the rounds is to close all schools for 3 or 4 weeks during the zoned times with everyone off school and confinement at the same time to creat a real break, on verra !

Oh and seems like Castex had told the syndicats to prepare for a full confinement before the meeting, then he limped out and announced what he announced, Macron playing for time…?!

Thank you Colin. I now feel educated :smiley:

I thought so too but perhaps it’s the degree of closure? As far as I could see, lots of traffic was still permitted under the previous closure - freight, !important" journeys etc… :thinking:

I think it is so that they can say they have tried everything else…!


As the numbers just aren’t going down how much longer can the government hold off from additional restrictions?

a lot longer nationally but local lockdown likely in Nice and perhaps others will follow (Dunkirque).

Sooner the better in Nice. Too many strolling along the PdE in the good weather.

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Education Nationale

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