So where are we now.......really

Do I need to seek French citizenship

How much time have we got?

I know exactly where I am - about to switch this thing off for the day and go sort out dinner.

Barbara - “on a tout le temps”.

Not a bad answer.

Personally, I am going to wait until after the French election. Everyone tells me that Marine Le Pen cannot win, however, everyone told me that Brexit would not win the vote and that Trump didn’t stand a chance. if Le Pen does not win, I’m applying for dual nationality however, that’s me and it’s a very personal decision for each person contemplating it.


Apparently, if article 50 is signed, it’ll take about 2 years to make it all happen. However, Theresa May doesn’t seem to be able come to a decision about anything, so it may take 20 years.

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I don’t think she’s going to be allowed to drag it out. Weren’t they talking about 18 months for her to clarify and finalise her terms for the “divorce”, 6 months for the EU to discuss it among themselves and resolve any issues, and all done and dusted within 24 months?

Yes Anna, but they’ve been talking about so many things. Personally, I have no faith that this Government will handle Brexit in any way that will not do even more damage to Britain’s trade. Furthermore, if May believes that getting into bed with Trump will benefit Britain, she needs to take her meds. Anyway, I may well be wrong about it all and there is nothing to do but wait for Parliament to thrash it out and, personally, I will be hoping against any intelligent hope for a miracle and for Parliament to vote down Brexit. I know, I know, I need to take my meds. :slight_smile:

Now that really would be taking “Lie back and think of England” to ridiculous extremes :grinning:

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LOL, or in Theresa May’s case, lie back and think of my personal bank balance.

I’m applying for a carte de sejour permanent (UE) in the hope that if everything breaks down, it’ll help me retain a right to stay here. I’m also gathering everything I need for a naturalisation application but I have serious doubts I would be awarded citizenship. I’m submitting my eldest son’s application as soon as I have had my interview for the carte de sejour. I don’t want my kids’ ability to stay here (or return here, should they leave the country for more than two years and want to come back) in question if I can help it and their applications should be successful. The next youngest will be able to apply after August this year. My youngest was born here and so I can apply for him to claim his French Citizenship in another three years so I’m hoping I can string out our stay here for at least that long.

That should give you an idea of where I think we are :slight_smile:

why don’t you think you can get french nationality Debra? I’m going for it, just missing a few documents then hope to send it off in a few weeks. It does take a long time to be processed so if anyone wants to go for it I suggest you start now

I haven’t checked this out yet but I have a theory that waiting until the last minute before applying for naturalisation mightn’t be a bad plan, because am I right in thinking that in the time between submitting your application and the decision, you are entitled to be here? Plus, I reckon the longer I have under my belt working and paying cotisations and networking here, the better my chances are.
But best of all would be to find out it’s not necessary.

Debra, I think the fact you’ve brought up kids here gives you a strong case - it is obviously where your life is.

have you been here for 5 years Anna?

Yes, well over.
But I have an idea that one of the things they look for is to see that you’ve cut your ties with your previous home country. I haven’t cut my ties with the UK and imshallah don’t intend to - my main (well, only) home is in France and my business is registered in France and I pay cotisations and taxes in France, but as a translator and interpreter I frequently spend chunks of time working in the UK, and also occasionally other EU countries.
Brexit could do me up like a kipper, it’s too scary to think about so I don’t…

I suppose you have a carte de sejour, do you Anna?

No I don’t.
My philosophy has always been to do what I have to, when I have to. I really don’t have a lot of time during working hours to waste on admin stuff that might not be necessary, it’s hard enough doing what is necessary, especially when most hours are working hours.
I do have a kind of faith that it will be workout-able when the time comes, and if not, well I’ll be near as dammit retirement age by then, and if I have to retire back to the UK I suppose it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
I’m sure that’s totally the wrong attitude but I’ve survived this far on wings and prayers, TBH I can’t really believe I got away with it as well as I have thus far, and I’m too old to change now.

Just saw this on government site_

Régularité du séjour

Vous devez disposer d’un titre de séjour au moment du dépôt de votre demande.

Toutefois, les périodes passées en séjour irrégulier ne peuvent pas être considérées comme un critère conduisant à refuser systématiquement la naturalisation.

so it seems Anna the irregularity of your time spent in France should not be a problem

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Everyone is in a different situation I suppose. My husband is French, our little girl as well, my home is here and has been for the last 18 years. The main concern for me is not whether they let people stay here or not but under what conditions. I don’t doubt for a second that health cover will be an issue. Perhaps something that can be negociated in the future but it will take time for those negociations. My carte de sejour ran out years ago but I have been informed by the prefecture that an EU member can use their passport and the carte de sejour isn’t necessary- for an EU member so best to make a demand while you still are if you are going to

I feel that Theresa May has very little interest in those of us who have wondered off to live abroad.
Her aim is to prove herself and bathe in glory.
If Madam Le Penn gets in here…I fear her innermost hates and her links with racism.
Will UK create barriers around their sports men, doctors, high flying business directors. bankers and
people in power and then send them home?
Will we be turfed out of our homes and small business projects frozen?
Will this be good for France…will this be good for Uk?