So would you donate money to preserve Roald Dahl's shed?

Roald Dahl’s family are trying to raise half a million smackers to preserve the shed in which he wrote many of the books he is rightly famous for. Here’s the BBC report:

and here’s Newsthump’s take on it:

Not a cent! This is ‘moneygrubbing’ and darn sick.

News Thump are so naughty!
As much as I adore Roald Dahl, I grew up reading his books, I think it’s very wrong of the Dahl family to ask the public for so much money to preserve his memory.
But, I agree with Lucy, I would definitely pay the museum to see it once it’s moved. I don’t think that’s a contradiction.

I agree with Emma. No way!
If the family really want to preserve it why don’t they use some of the royalty money that I am sure they are still getting for his books! They are not exactly short of a bob or two!!
If it is preserved, and opened to the public at the Raoul Dahl Museum then I might well pay to go and see it! Is that too much of a contradiction!!??

His books make millions. His family live off his work. Sophie Dahl would not be where she is without her parents and grandparents’ names and ‘celebrity’. I think it’s very disrespectful of them even to ask, when people are living in a recession and play on people’s emotions about his memory. If they were poor, I’d be the first to give.