Social charges on UK family home

We’re selling our home in the UK. It was our family home for 35 years before we became french resident at the very end of 2020. I believe we’ll be exempt from capital gains tax in france but will we need to pay social charges. How will they be calculated. I did have a valuation done at the point we became resident here. Thanks for your help.

No social charges as you’ve owned the house for more than 30 years.

Thanks Tim. Do you know if i still have to notify our local Notaire of our sale?

It wouldn’t be the notaire but your tax office, within 30 days. However as you are exonerated from CGT you don’t have to do anything. Here’s reference

Keep all the papers tho’!

Morning Tim

We sold our UK property last year and can confirm what @tim17 says.

We took the precaution of going onto our Tax site and got a confirmation in writing. Only took a couple of days.