Social Networking Links

Perhaps this is a question with a really obvious answer. I have been building my website with Wordpress and would like to know how to put links to facebook and twitter pages on my website. I am a bit confused with the plugins, differences between link and share buttons etc. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks for the advice. I must update it more regularly and add some photos. I am thinking of changing the theme as it is the basic one, twenty eleven I think.

Hi Louise. I use the SEO plugin for Wordpress (by Yoast I think). I found it quite good, but also renamed ALL my pictures along the lines suggested by Ron Birks. Also update the page every week, with a photo, editing of text, etc. I just searched on Google using Painting Holidays France and we are on page 1 of results.

Thanks. I had been thinking of All in One SEO pack or Wordpress SEO by Yoast as I heard they were good.

Hi Lousie, try SEOpressor

It is very quick and easy to set up.

Yes it is. My site is a Wordpress site and the plugins are Wordpress but there is always a large choice which is confusing. I now want to tackle a SEO plugin.

Louise, good question, I’ve been wondering how to adda like button to my site too. Mine has been confusing me for 2 years or more now and I can’t even remember which software I’m using. Is your “social media plugin” from wordpress?

Thanks for the reply

Hi Lousie, I have used linksalpha for this and it works very well. It takes a little time to set up but is very useful.

After writing this I used the Social Media Plugin which seems to be OK. There are always too many options and not always easy to know which ones are good.