Social sécurité

Hi all

We are planning to take early retirement in France next year. Initially we will be living off savings held in the UK until we draw on our pensions sometime between 5-10 years from now. I understand from previous posts that our savings won’t be taxable as income only interest on savings would be considered taxable.

My question is that on this basis we won’t be required to make any contributions to the social and therefore may not be granted access as we are neither classed as retirees (drawing an income from a pension) nor employees who pay tax. From what I have read in these circumstances (quite rightly) we may find it difficult to get access to medical services. In this circumstance is it possible to make voluntary contributions which would then allow us to access the medical services?

Thanks for any advice

Once you can prove you’ve been legally resident here for 3 months, you can apply to join the healthcare system(PUMA)

Yep - on a contributory basis.