Social Security and Frontaliers?

We live in the Haute Savoie and my husband works in Geneva. Has anyone got their heads around this proposed change for frontaliers? We understand that the law is to change from 2013 and frontaliers will have to pay into the social security system in France and take the french medical insurance instead of the current private health insurance (which is paid by both employees and employers)

Does anyone have any news or understanding of this and/or know what employers are doing in response?


I'll copy that info over to the Working in France group too people.

Thank you very much Brian, most helpful.

I asked a few colleagues/friends who work for UN agencies but live in France. A couple of them recommended you look at the Frontaliers' organisation's site:

One of them is married to a Swiss accountant but they live near Annecy, said that it is coordinated between the two countries, so look out for the actual guidelines. Doesn't help you Therese, but Switzerland has different arrangements to Luxembourg, since the former is not an EU member.

Hello Therese
It is a change to French law and we undersnd now that implementation of this has been delayed a year until May 2014.

Hello Caroline,

Would that be a change in the Swiss law or the French law? Myself and my daughter are frontaliers working in Luxembourg but we have not heard about any such changes.