Social Security contributions and tax declaration on income


An acquaintance has not been declaring his full income as an auto-entrepreneur and thus been paying lower social security contributions. He's intending to declare his full income for the tax return for 2014. I did tell him before that this is not a good idea but I don't know the ramifications for this other than instinctively thinking he's being stupid. Can anyone enlighten me?


OK, thanks. I'll tell him!

What's a 'fiscale'?

Thanks, this is what I thought too. However, the companies have his Siret number for his invoices so I'm assuming someone somewhere will tally up and see his income is somewhat different to his declarations and he will receive bills at some time in the future for both SS and tax.

there are of course people who do not declare their full earnings and show only a proportion of that revenue on their social security contributions but I think if one goes down this road it is nevessarry that the tax return figure is identical to that previously declared. In fact, the anual statement from the RSI shows the cumulative figure and even tells you what box to enter it in on the tax return so I feel that any discrepancy between the two will raise some alarm bells.

My feeling is that if one has started down this road, perhaps one should continue.