Social Security Number advice

We moved permanently to France 3 months ago, I set up as an ME and registered with URSSAF although I have not yet been able to work. I was expecting to receive a social security number but haven’t had anything yet. I noticed an NNI number, and NoTI number - could any of these 2 numbers be it??

I have sent our documents off to CPAM but not expecting to hear from them for a while, we have PHI.


It does take time, they are probably opening a dossier on you and have to check all the information given, especially regarding your CDS or Visa. The CAF are also in arrears treating submitted declarations and demands etc, nothing new.

As I have just typed this message, I have received a letter from CPAM! They are asking for a copie de vos statuts de travailleur independant. Should I send a copy of the letter I recieved from the Finances Publiques when I opened the ME?


When you registered with URSAFF you set up your log in etc? It should all be within your espace there. It’s the place you do the quarterly returns as well

You should have received a SIRET number and a KBIS notification (?). CPAM are asking for proof of your status which are these - but go inside your URSAFF account it should be there.

Unless s things have changed - I thought you registered and the medical side followed automatically if very slowly.

The Nni is your social security number - it’s your national identity number. NOTI? Is the number /type of the notification followed by the reference for you normally.

You have an EU passport or UK and work visa?

Yea I have a log in with URSAFF but it has not reached the last ‘blue tick’ where the affiliation to URSSAF has been completed. I have been receiving paper chiffe d’affaires through the post and not realised I needed to send them back.

I’m guessing it just takes time.

I have a WA CdS so can work…

How if you only moved 3 months ago?

They have been available for a while, maybe he left to go back and tie things up before moving,lock,stock and barrell. The WA ones came out last year I believe so maybe the OP applied then but had to go back and tie up loose ends, sell up etc before cutting ties.