Soil pH test kit

Hi, would anyone have recommendations for a soil test kit for pH that I can get in UK or France?

I’ve found a few on; the one I was looking for, Rapitest, is apparently only available in the US and shipping is too expensive.



Well you are living in the country side? Then check where the local farmers get theirs. Every 4 years they are required to test the soil to prevent overfertilization!

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Loads on,é-intérieure-extérieure-Nécessaire/dp/B07F786ZGQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ph+terre&qid=1598993043&sr=8-3

No idea how good they are though…

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I would rather get it local, because it is the interpretation and local knowledge of soil capacities and possible improvement.

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Agricultural grade tests for things like nitrogen are rather different than testing pH.

They may well have improved, and I don’t know the one you mention, but home soil test kits were never very reliable. So if you really want accuracy get a soil lab to test for you. And if it’s for use is helping you garden then looking at what plants grow locally and a geological map will give you a pretty good idea. Same with soil fertility…look at what’s growing.

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