Solar panel grants


I wonder if any members have responded to the adverts for solar panel installation with the promise of state financial assistance?


We have looked into it but the amount they charge gives you such a long payback that by the time you have paid it back the panels are so old …

Our other issue is that we have fairly regular blackouts here and if you do it the way of the grants etc if there is a black out you have no electricity as you are hooked into EDF even though you have a roof full of panels! we are currently setting up a system that will run all our lights, fans, computers etc (not fridge or freezer) and that we have total control over and no debt!

i’ve heard a good number of horror stories of people getting solar systems installed here. EDF used to pay quite well for the electricity you sell back, I beleive it is all but nothing now! If you speak good French there is a guy called Barnaby that has some good videos on you tube about auto-consumation and how to use as much of the electricity you make so as not to have to send it on to EDF for free!

Thankyou for your reply. Kind of you to take the time. I guess that’s what I imagined the answer to be.

just a word of caution…

If you are serious… please do make sure you understand any contract before signing.

I speak with personal experience of amazing jiggery-pokery… which went on (and maybe still does).

So many folk will sign, without understanding the written word… but simply believing what they are told it says… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Thankyou. Yes, you are right. Just wondered if it was an opportunity to do something for the planet with a South facing roof. The advice up to now suggests not.

We had solar panels in UK…(roof ideally placed)… just for hot water as a help to oil boiler in winter and alternative to immersion heater in summer.

got our outlay back in 2 years… much quicker than forecast… and we would have loved to do similarly here…

However, the years passed and we never did find quite what we wanted…

No reason for you to give up on the idea of solar power… just be aware… and make lots of enquiries.

and remember… if an “offer” seems almost too good to be true… it almost certainly is…

check with your Mairie… they often know what govt things are on the go… and you can ask their advice too… (certainly can at mine…)

good luck