Solar panel installers


my wife and i have started a project in Olonzac and we are looking for advice on Solar panel installers and also storage of the power produced. ive read many articles on here, and it would appear that the best way is to be off grid, so to buy and install and run the system yourself, correct ?



Hello Rob

I can’t help I’m afraid but wanted to say welcome to the Forum and welcome to France. I live about an hour from you in the next door department of the Tarn so we are practically neighbours!

Best of luck with your project.

Hi Mandy

thanks for the welcome !

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Rob, you have to be so careful, fitters and sales are only happy selling what they know, it’s the same with the pool industry. Partly because the decenial insurance hangs off their necks for 10 years so they play it safe. Hopefully you have seen the Tesla power wall which allows use of power when you are not generating. Interesting project.

Hi John

yes, ive heard of the Tesla system - it looks very good.
im ideally looking for a system i can fit myself - im an electrician in the Uk, but i specialise in garden lighting; so now very little about solar unfortunately. id certainly be able to rig a system up myself; it was more to understand the specif dynamics of how it all works in france.


*know…before i get told off !

Unless you were going for a grid tied system? you are on your own, utilising what you want, using a company means you’ll pay the full RRP (French RRP) unlike anyone else in the EU but if you are tax resident you’ll be able to get some money back so there is a slim chance it would cost the same as what you’ll buy yourself but I doubt it. The French like to mount PV panels into the roof rather than onto the roof, IMO still looks the same but they don’t give a tax rebate if they are on the roof rather than in the roof. Teslas glass PV tiles look the best but I haven’t a clue on cost. Your Maire will know what forms to complete.
Love to know how you get on, will send you a PM in a minute.

Hi John

thanks for the info.
I’m going to spend some time doing some research and ill let you know where i end up



Hi Rob,

I don’t know how far you have got, but I installed my solar hot water system myself, purchased from Navitron in the UK. []
On the site, they have a Forum, like this. There are lots of people on there, some installers and many people like yourself. The help and advice is free. You shouldn’t find people on there talking rubbish. If they do, they’ll be given short shrift by other, more knowledgeable members.
They sell solar pv equipment as well.
We had a solar pv system installed in 2011. The contract for selling electricity to EDF runs until 2031. After that date, I don’t know what will happen, but the panels will still be generating electricity. If we are still here by that time, I’d be considering installing a power wall to store the electricity.